Is my smartphone compatible?

The BIONX APP is compatible with smartphones that support mainly Bluetooth® 4.0. The recommended requirements for your Smartphone are the following:

  • Minimum 512MB RAM
  • 80 MB free space in the ROM (without maps)
  • Recommended 1 GHz Processor or greater
  • Android 4.3 or upper
  • Bluetooth® BLE or 4.0
  • Apple iPhone 4S or greater ( iOS 7.1.2 / 8 or greater)
  • Recommended 3G connection but also can operate off-line (some features will be not available)

BIONX recommends that you keep your smartphone updated to the latest compatible version.

My user account doesn’t works

If your user account doesn’t work, first be sure that you are using your correct user data.  If you are still having issues, please check the following:

– BIONX User System: When you create a new user, BIONX sends you one email with a link to confirm your data. That is to check that your email address was correct. . So remember that you have to click on the link received in your email to ACTIVATE YOUR USER ACCOUNT.

– If you had access to the BIONX APP previously you may have logged out and forgot your user data. Just  click on  the login window in the FORGOT PASSWORD link to start the password recovery process.

– Facebook®: With iPhone version, the APP will ask you in a special window for your Facebook® user and password.. With Android you must install the Facebook® APP and login on i your smartphone, after that when you start the BIONX APP it will login automatically.

How can I recover my user password?

If you are using the BIONX USER LOGIN, you can recover your user password. In the user login screen of the BIONX APP just press  on the link “Forgot Password”. You will see a form named “LOST PASSWORD FORM”, introduce your email account and you will receive  your last active password.

Do I need Internet to use BIONX APP?

Navigation and main processing run on  the smartphone. It is not necessary for Internet access  during normal operation. There are 3 processes or moments when you will need Internet connection:

– When you are performing a user Login. Data Connection is not required thereafter.
– When you are pairing with a new Bike. We check ID of the bike and the available APP licenses on it.
– When you download or upload any ride activity on the server.

2 Smartphones and 1 bicycle?

It is possible to use the same bike with 2 different Smartphones. To do this just remember that the last paired Smartphone will be the Smartphone that the BIONX BIKE will try to find and pair. So if you have the BIONX APP installed on a secondary Smartphone you will have to unpair the first Smartphone to pair the second one. Install the APP on the secondary Smartphone, start the Bluetooth® on the phone, go to your bike, switch on the bike and press at the same time: LIGHT + POWER MINUS buttons. The BIONX BIKE will search for the nearest Smartphone compatible with the APP to pair with it. If the user is the same one the activities will be uploaded to the same user account.

How can I pair my smartphone?

First install the BIONX APP on your Smartphone. Open with DATA CONNECTION (Internet by WIFI, 3G or 4G. Start the Bluetooth® on your phone, go to your bike, switch on the bike with  the RC3 controller and press at the same time: LIGHT + POWER MINUS butons. The BIONX BIKE will search for the nearest Smartphone compatible with the APP to pair with it and you will see a message Pairing with BionX Bike. When the Smartphone is paired with the BIONX BIKE you will see a GREEN ALERT on the top of the screen with the message “Bike Pairing – Pairing with the bike complete”. From that moment when you switch off your BIONX BIKE in the APP you will see a RED ALERT with the message “Bike Pairing – Connection with the bike lost”. When the Smartphone is not paired with the BIONX BIKE you will see a message in the screen with the info “Pairing with BIONX BIKE”.

I can’t pair my Smartphone

Problems in the user pairing can be generated by different problems, like Bluetooth® compatibility, not enough licenses in the APP, no Internet connection, etc.

– Check that your Smartphone is Compatible (see FAQ)
– Check that you have your Bluetooth started in your smartphone
– Check that the BIONX APP is not paired with another Smartphone (See FAQ How to pair a new phone).
– Check that you have enough APP licenses on your BIONX BIKE. Each BIONX BIKE can activate 3 APP installations, for more installations you will need to buy a new license.

I cannot access some menu options

There are some functions in the BIONX APP that only work when the BIONX BIKE is paired to your Smartphone and others that only work when the BIONX BIKE is not Paired. This is a list:
– If the BIONX BIKE is NOT Paired you can access all function but it will not be possible to access the Monitor options (Navigation, Range, etc.). It is also not possible to start a Navigation Route.
– If the BIONX BIKE is paired, you will be able to access  all information.

The APP says I have no more licenses

Your BIONX BIKE includes 3 MAP licenses from the factory that will allow you to install the APP in all telephones that you want and you will be able to download 3 different maps on them. So you will be able to install the 1 APP with 3 maps or 3 APPs with 1 map on each one. When you install the APP or install a new  map, the BIONX APP will tell you how many licenses you have available.. If you want to acquire new maps and you have consumed your FREE licenses, you will have to buy a new Paid Subscription in the APPLE STORE. The APP will inform you automatically of this process.

Remember that one MAP is living element that changes continuously. That means when you download a map this map will be in your smartphone forever. But if you remove and you want to download again, the new map will be updated and different, with more information and details. That is because we have created the subscription system. During the subscription time you will be able to download the maps that you want as many times that the subscription leaves to you (3 times for Free and 8 times for Paid ones). Remember that also the subscription time is different (3 months to download free maps and 12 months to download paid maps). The cost of a paid subscription is very low if you consider that you can download 8 different countries, by example with only 1 subscription in one year.

How can I get a new APP License?

When you consume the 3 FREE APP LICENSES that are included from the original purchase of your BIONX BIKE you will have to purchase more licenses for DOWNLOAD or UPDATE the APP maps or to install the APP on new Smartphones. The APP will explain how to adquire new maps. This is a secure process that must be done by the iTunes Store and the APP will inform you automatically of each step.

Remember if you uninstall the APP you will lose your APP License and the MAPs that you have installed on your Smartphone

How can I download a Map?

To download a new license is a simple process that you can start from the section: DOWNLOAD MAPS. Please navigate by the continent and country selector to find the appropriate map that you want to download. Keep in mind that there are two different prices depending on the size of maps. BIG maps are considered maps bigger than 125 MB.. For new maps you will have to follow the steps that the APP indicates. If you have FREE LICENSES on your BIONX BIKE (there are 3) you will be able to download the MAP. If not, you will have to get the BIONX APP from the iTunes Store and the APP will inform you automatically of each step.

Map downloading is slow

Map Downloading is a process that requires a lot of data;  maps can range from 30 MB for a little one to 1.2GB for a larger one.  The map server supplier is a third company not controlled by the BIONX server, so the downloading time depends on the number of users downloading maps and on your Internet speed connection. Please be patient with this process.

How do I know if there is a new Map update?

Check the MAP that you have previously downloaded on your BIONX APP. If there is an UPDATE for the MAP that you have downloaded previously you will see a new button with the command: UPDATE. When you press on the button you will be able to start the updating process. Keep in mind that the UPDATE PROCESS is exactly the same process than a new update and you will have to pay for it if you don’t have BIONX FREE LICENSES.

BionX APP doesn’t wake up automatically

iOS does have some restrictions in relation to automatic wake up of APPs, so it is not possible that the APP appears automatically when you are close to your BIONX BIKE. We have created a simple process to advise you of that. First be sure that your BIONX BIKE APP is activated, you can have your APP running in the background or your Smartphone with the screen switched off. When you switch on your ebike you will receive a notification in your smartphone with the message “BIONX – Pairing with the bike complete [PG1] – Open the application to record the ride”. Now you just move your finger on the message to move the APP to the first running position. If you switch off the ebike you will receive a similar message to remember saving your activity.

My screen changes between landscape and Portrait

From factory settings the BIONX APP runs in portrait and landscape. We detect automatically the position of the smartphone and we change the orientation of the information. The APP can operates in 3 different ways for the orientation: Automatic, Portrait and Landscape. In automatic mode the APP will change depending on the Smartphone orientation and in Landscape and Portrait mode you will be able to select. To adjust go to the SETTINGS Menu and select you appropriate mode in BEHAVIOUR option.

The Range Bar doesn’t appear

When you access the  RANGE MAP you will be able to see 2 important bits of information: RANGE MAP and  RANGE BAR. The Range  MAP is the location that you will be able to reach with the battery that you have on your e-bike. This calculation is made keeping in mind your Average speed, Consumption and Battery Capacity. If you don’t see the BLUE LINE that defines the RANGE AREA, please zoom out with your fingers to separate. Normally with full battery the Radius of the MAP can be very large (100 km).

If the RANGE BAR doesn’t appear it is because the APP cannot calculate  without more data, normally you have to ride a little bit to update the data.

The torque bar is not accurate enough

The Torque bar is displayed on the screen under the speed. The axel torque sensor sends this information to the APP and we can represent the percent in the TORQUE BAR under the speed. There is a parameter in the SETTINGS menu that allows  us to modify this value. Please enter  the SETTINGS and later in BEHAVIOUR > Configure alerts. There is an Alert Named: Enable Maximum motor Torque. Change the value of sensitivity from 1 to 12. This function doesn’t modify anything in the axel torque sensitivity; it only modifies the sensitivity of the representation in the BIONX APP.

Up & Downhill data is not accurate?

The GPS system used by most of the commercial Smartphones is not typically that accurate. It is possible that the position that the GPS sensor of the Smartphone sends to the APP may vary as much as 50 meters in relation to the actual position. This issue is similar for the altitude and may not always be ideal for the ride accuracy. . To solve this there are 2 different ways (check the altitude with any reliable source by Internet) or checking this information when you finish the activity. To solve this we have created a special algorithm that uses the NASA data to correct the data that we archive during the riding process. If you SAVE your activity data when we upload the data to a server, we check and validate your logged data with the NASA database and correct the information. So the rest of your activity will be with real data. Keep in mind that this process can takes some time and we will inform you when the data is corrected with one special icon

How can I share my Activities

It is possible to share your activities with other people. To do this you need to access the ACTIVITIES menu and select one activity. On the top bar of the activity you will see one special icon with an arrow to share your activity. Select the Channel that you want to use to share (Facebook®, Twitter®, WhatsApp, Email…) and click on the desired option

I do not see any activity in the System

If you have never performed or recorded an activity you will not see one, but if you have recorded activities and you change of Smartphone don’t worry. The activities are archived in the cloud on our BIONX SERVER. So you just need to install the BIONX APP and when you access the Activities level you will see your list automatically.

Start activity button makes nothing

If the Start activity button of the Main menu does nothing, it means that you are not able to save the activity because you are not receiving any data from the BIONX BIKE. Check your Bluetooth connection. If you are paired with the BIONX BIKE normally you will be able to see the options PAUSE and STOP. If you want to start to record again, just STOP, Discard the data and press Start activity again.