When you begin to ride, the BIONX system automatically senses the movement and is activated. The data of your activity is saved locally for the duration of your ride. When the BIONX BIKE is switched off, or you press the STOP option in the MAIN MENU, you are able to save the ride data.

You can maintain history including the weather! The APP archives weather data including humidity, temperature, wind speed, etc. You then have the ability to compare the data day to day.


To maintain a useful database of your activities, it’s recommended that you record the data when you complete your ride. Note that you may also check your activities in your computer using BACKOFFICE.

  • · Start one Activity and Pause
    When you start to ride, the APP collects GPS data. When you begin one activity, PAUSE and STOP will appear automatically on the bottom of the Main Menu. To PAUSE, press the PAUSE button. Remember to press PLAY again when you want to resume.
  • · Stop and Finish one Activity
    Once you have started one activity you will have the opportunity to STOP then discard or save the information. Also, if you switch off the bicycle, the APP will remind you to save the data from your last activity.  You have limited time to save this data. If you press STOP, the system will show your ACTIVITY RESUME to complete the data save. You will then have the option to select TYPE OF BICYCLE from settings and you will have the opportunity to title the activity, provide a description, visibility, terrain, degree of difficulty, etc. This information will be searchable later, so be as precise as possible.  Finally, you can discard the activity pressing the trash button or save it by pushing the SAVE button.


  • · Visibility of the Activity
    • These are privacy settings in activity menu:
 Private Activity and Route are visible only to you
Friends Activity is visible to Facebook® friends
Public Activity is visible to all in the BionX system
  • · Sharing the Activity
    To select the desired visibility of your Activity you can send a private, shareable Activity link to anyone. Essentially, one activity could remain PRIVATE and another you could SHARE on FACEBOOK. You simply enter one Activity, and on the right, top bar an arrow appears. If you select that arrow, the system will open all of the channels where you are then able to share your activity (via email, Facebook®,etc). Select the desired icon and your audience will receive a unique link to view that specific activity.
  • · The List of Activities
    To review one of your activities, in the Main Menu select the option entitled MY ACTIVITIES. The system will reveal a list of the activities completed, beginning with the most recent and including a brief description of the Activity. More specific information about each activity can be found on the list as well.

    • · Type of Route (Cyclic or not)
      If a circle appears, this is an indication that the route is circular. It is circular automatically when the starting and ending points are less than 500 meters. Circular activitie appears with a circle and not circular withan arrow icon.
    • · Route in the Cloud or in the Smartphone
      If the route is archived on the Cloud but not in the Smartphone, the list and details will show a Cloud. If the route can be found on both the Cloud and in the Smartphone, one Smartphone icon will appear. You will then be able to see all activities in the Cloud and in the Smartphone.

You will see all activities in the cloud and in the smartphone.


  • · Managing your Activities
    You can clear or save activities in your smartphone. Simply access the list of activities, search for the desired activity and move your finger on it from right to left. There are two buttons to choose from:

    • · If the CLEAR button appears, it is an indication that you have the activity on your Smartphone. If you clear the activity you are not deleting it, you have simply removed it from you Smartphone.
    • · If the route is archived in the cloud but not in the Smartphone the list and details will be represented by the appearance of a CLOUD icon. If the route is in both, a Smartphone icon will be visible.


  • · Details of the Activity
    When you enter one activity you will see the following::

    • · Details:
      A complete list of all the information in relation with the activity such as date, time, duration, bicycle type, degree of difficulty, etc. if you use your finger to expand and reveal more data, you will see extended information about weather, uphill and downhill, forecast, speeds, heart rate, etc.


    • · Map:
      Shows the map with a line between the origin and destination of the Activity.bionx-app-map-vertical
    • · Graph:
      The graph option shows you a dynamic graphic of the main data as speed, heart rate, altitude, pedal-assist level and power.


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