Map System

The BIONX APP uses an internal navigation system that does not require an Internet Connection. It is not necessary to utilize Google Maps to navigate, determine location or to see the Range Map.

The BIONX App MAPs are private and secure because the Navigation system just works exclusively with the BIONX BIKE! Please note that you will need your smartphone connected and functional.

The first time that you connect your BIONX APP to your BIONX BIKE your MAP system will be blank. You will need to select the map that you want to download to see the maps in your BIONX App or to search an address. Go to the Main Menu and select DOWNLOAD MAPS.


Take in mind that you could be able to download the APP and install in as many devices that you want. You only will need the BIONX BIKE to activate the APP and one active subscription to download the MAP. The APP them is FREE, and you can install in as many bicycles that you want. But if you want to use the navigation function you will need MAPS.

Maps are not free (just the first 3 maps), and we have created a subscription system to download new maps. One subscription is period of time while you can download a limited number of maps. There are 2 different types of subscriptions:

  • · Free Subscriptions
  • · Paid Subscriptions

Free Subscriptions (included with the BIONX BIKE)

If your BIONX BIKE is compatible with the BIONX APP, the e-bike includes from factory 1 free subscription that includes 3 free maps for a period of 3 months. That means that you can access to the BIONX APP Map System and download 3 maps during 3 months after your first connection to the e-bike. Map and subscription has no cost.

Paid Subscriptions (when your free subscription has finished)

When you have spent the licenses included in your FREE SUBSCRIPTION or the period of 3 MONTHS has finished after your first APP connection, you could be able to buy (IAP) paid subscription. This type of subscription includes 8 maps to download for a period of 12 months.

Important note for Free and Paid Subscriptions:

All the maps that you download in your APP will be available in your smartphone even when your subscription time has ended. Only if you want to download and update or new map and your subscription time is ended you will need to get or extend your subscription.

Process to get new maps:
When you consume the 3 FREE MAPS included from factory for a  BIONX BIKE you will have to purchase additional ones for any DOWNLOAD or UPDATE activity related to MAPS through the platform payment system (ex: App Store or PlayStore). Remember that the Paid Subscription changes depending of the country but it is around 4 and 6 USD. The number of maps that one subscription includes is 8 maps.

There is no matter if the size of the map is 10MB or 1GB you can download a limited number of maps during the subscription time. To access to the MAP system remember that you will need Internet connection, recommended WIFI.

If it is your first time open Map Download in the main menu and press in the button [Buy] of the Continent that you want to subscribe. If you have free licenses you will subscribe to the Continent selected. You will see them when expires your subscription and how many maps left. Now select the map of the country or region that you want to download and press the BUY or DOWNLOAD button to activate the Map details. It will show a preview of the map, size, cost and will give you the option to buy using the Apple or Google store. You will need your Smartphone account to make this purchase

bionx-bike-map-download-2Special MAP licenses includes in the APP
Your BIONX BIKE includes 3 MAP licenses that you will be able to download at no additional cost. When you pair your APP with the BIONX BIKE, the bicycle (e-bike) unlocks the APP and will reveal an exclusive and unique ID number of the  bike. Our server notes and recalls the number of licenses you have and provides you with the option to download  another map or to install it on another smartphone.
After you exhaust your Special Free MAP licenses, you will have to get a new Paid Subscription that will give to you the opportunity to download new maps (8) for a period of 12 months.

Special note about delete a map or the APP
Please note that when you delete or uninstall the APP you lose all content in your smartphone. That means that the APP, its licenses and the MAPs you have downloaded will be lost.
Each time you update a map it is considered a new map license so you will need licenses free in your active subscription to download.

Remember that if you have 4 maps in your smarphone and your subscription time is finished you will be able to use your maps with no restrictions, but for update them you will need open a new subscription time.

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