Navigation Monitor

The navigation screen is a unique view of the BIONX MONITOR that will show you the MAP and your current position on the MAP. You can ZOOM in on the map and the APP will recall the last position. If you have an active NAVIGATION running, you will see the course to follow in BLUE, your current position in the MIDDLE of the monitor and the next maneuver to execute on the TOP of the screen as an ALERT. The view in the navigation mode with an open course appears in 3D. If you do not have an active NAVIGATION course running, the view will be 2D and you will see your position in the MIDDLE. The MAP will automatically move and orient itself to the course.

The elements that you can find in the Navigation monitor are:

  • · Actual position:
    The MAP will always represent your position and orient its positioning to your location. It will be represented by a BLUE point in the middle of the screen. It will be represented by a close proximity circle and indicate where you are heading.
  • · Path to follow in your current NAVIGATION
    If you have an active NAVIGATION in process your course will appear in BLUE with a big BLUE ARROW and your position.
  • · Next Maneuver in your current navigation:
    If you have an active NAVIGATION running, you will see a visual representation of your next maneuver on the top of the map in addition to a written description. The next maneuver will also be directed to you via VOICE COMMAND.
  • · Destination and starting point:
    Both points are represented on the map by a GREEN PIN.

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