Settings is a part of the APP that outlines all the customization and options. To enter  this section select SETTINGS in the Main Menu. This menu is divided into different sections:

BIONX BIKE automatically via  Bluetooth® lists a lot of information about your bike, such as the type of motor, configuration, size of the battery, etc. Plenty of information is listed about your bike, in addition to two important features in relation  to  Navigation and the Activities.

  • · Bike Kind
    This option  allows you to select between Road, Mountain or Mixed use and the APP uses the information to know if you want to ride via road or mixed terrain to calculate the route.
  • · Pair with new Bike
    If you press this button we will delete the information of the last paired BIONX BIKE to search for a new one. Remember that you have to start the process also from the BIONX BIKE.


BIONX APP can control automatically the assist level of your BIONX BIKE if you have a Hearth Rate compatible band. There are two functions included in the BIONX APP in relation  to Heart Rate:

  • · Hearth Rate Monitoring
    This function shows you the current heart rate in the monitor of the APP. The APP will show your Max. Average and Current Beats.
  • · Automatic Assistance HR-Based
    This function controls the Assistance of the BIONX BIKE using your heart rate  without the need of constantly adjusting the RC3 controller. You can activate this function by selecting a maximum heart rate and the APP will increase and decrease the assistance of the BIONX BIKE to keep to you in the exercise zone that you have selected. If you activate this option you will have to establish the “Desired Maximum HR”).


Hearth Rate Monitor Pairing
This process is a little different in the Android APP versus the  iOS APP, because of the Bluetooth® BLE pairing process.

  • · iOS Bluetooth® BLE for HR
    In iOS just switch on the option “Enable Heart Monitor Sensor”. When you do that your phone automatically will find the nearest Bluetooth® BLE Heart Rate band and it will pair with  it.
  • · Android Bluetooth® BLE for HR
    In Android you will have to go to Settings and open the process to find the Bluetooth® BLE band nearest to you. The APP will try to find the band and you will have to select it to pair.


There are a pair of functions that you can modify in relation to the Navigation system:

  • · Simulate a Navigation Guiding:
    If you want to see how the navigation system works you can do this easily. Go to the SETTINGS and select in the MAPS & NAVIGATION SETTINGS, Simulate Navigation = ON. If you do that when you press on the PLAY icon after create your route, the APP will simulate your ride with all the maneuvers and you will see how it works.
  • · Show Compass
    It is also possible to hide or show a compass in the map that always shows the position of NORTH. By default the APP will show you the compass, if you want to hide, go to SETTINGS and disable the option “Show Compass”.


This option leaves you to modify how the APP works. Basically we have introduced these options:

  • · Screen Rotation
    The APP will  automatically adapt to the orientation of the phone or can be locked in one permanent position: Portrait or Landscape.
  • · Configure Screens
    There are 2 main screens and 3 secondary in the Monitor. The Main ones are Speed and Navigation and the secondary are: Hearth Rate,  Range and Music. The user can activate if he/she wants to see the secondary ones or not. To do that, just select the Setting “Configure Screens” and use the switch to activate or not each screen. When you press the GREY button of the RC3 controller you will see just the active screens.
  • · Configure Alerts
    This section is already explained in the Chapter: BIONX MONITOR


This option includes the links to this manual (that will need Internet Connection to be read) and to  show a tutorial about main functions, but also includes the logout link.

  • · Tutorial
    Short Explanation with pictures about the main functions of the Remote control, APP, back office and Pairing process..
  • · Help
    Direct access to the on-line manual.
  • · Logout
    If you press this link you will logout of the APP and you will need to reintroduce  the user. To start to use the APP you will also need one BIONX BIKE but you will not lose your license..

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